RunnerCache Race Report: Dahlgren Trail Half Marathon

Running has become my second favorite thing to do. And I really like this blog/blogger. Inspired to sign-up for this race next year!

Ramblings of a Runner Cacher


When I signed up for my first half marathon in 2014, I wasn’t entirely sure I could run that far.  13.1 miles seemed so overwhelming.  I learned that I could do it, though, and in a reasonable length of time, too (2:35:16).  Now that I’ve run seven of them, the distance no longer scares me.  After the 2014 Marine Corps Historic Half, I posted on Facebook that I felt like my legs would fall off.  I was sore for days.  On February 20 I ran my seventh half, and although I was a little sore for the rest of the day, I felt well enough to seriously consider going for a quick run the next morning.  (I went for a walk instead–and I had some soreness in my right shoulder and hip from my epic wipeout on the trail–more on that in a minute.)  I signed up for this only a week and a…

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