Two Week Review February 7-21

I know, I failed to post last week. Please, forgive me. I did not use my time wisely. I thought I’d be able to do my usual but life tripped me up. After being gone all weekend I had planned to blog Monday the 17th. Then my kids were sick and then I was under the weather…sigh. You definitely need a plan for when things get out of hand.

But, here it is Friday again and I’ve a few photos to share with y’all! The girls were busy playing make believe. I’ll be honest I am not looking forward to them growing out of this stage. I will encourage them to use their imaginations for the rest of their lives.

Whomever pulls the sword from the stone shall rule the land.

Valentine’s Day! ❤❤❤

These two…

Secret Keepers

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the photos and next week brings you joy and peace.

Love, B.