Week in Review March 13-19th

“Mom! Look we’re Pop Stars! Take our pictures! You’re our paparazzi!” How could I refuse such a request. It is moments like these that make me happy. They remind me why I love taking photographs. They reinforce my determination to give them an environment where they can let their imaginations run wild! I truly love being a homeschool mother. Although, if you had asked me during our lessons if I loved it the answer may have been completely different.

On Saturday we had to do our usual grocery shopping. We went early in the morning because we knew it would be a crazy day. With our list in hand we ventured to Costco and Wegmans. Both were busy and they were out of a few of our essentials. However, I was grateful we didn’t run into any of the bad behavior we’d seen on the news. We managed to get almost everything we needed and the girls even managed to get their Dad to push them on the cart for a bit of fun.

I have been meaning to take this photo for 8 years. Ever since we moved into our house and I first passed this building on my way north. On March 14, 2020 I finally stopped on the side of the road and took the picture. Now, I want to cross the street and explore the building more closely. Shoot it from different angles. The things that get started by stopping the car.

We’ve only had to make a few minor adjustments in the past week due to the “social distancing” guidlines. Our weekly trip to the library is on hold till further notice and our Wednesday class is canceled till the public schools our back in session. So on Wednesday, because I didn’t have any lessons planned, I let the girls play video games.

Lego Harry Potter

I am praying that this threat isn’t as bad as the news is projecting. I hope y’all are well. And as always I hope this next week brings you peace and joy.

Love, B.

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