Week in Review March 27-April 2

I know this post is late. I apologize and appreciate you checking in on my blog. Like most of the world these days we’ve been hanging around the house. I don’t know about y’all but this is hard. Just trying to find the right words for how all this is affecting our families and communities is hard. I am desperately trying to maintain some normalcy at home. But evey night when the girls say thier prayers they pray for the virus to go away. So they know this isn’t normal. The first few days of having thier father home was a struggle. Our routine was interrupted. At first he was set up in the dinning area, that lasted one day. I unburdened the desk in the master bedroom of the detritus that had accumulate over the years. And sent him to his room.

Cellphone capture of his “office”
Making Koolaid, that’s normal right?
Making tv episodes
Staying home looking out the window
Nature will not be canceled
Enjoying a weekday smoke. No two hour commute means more time to enjoy the little pleasures.

I have to postpone my exciting news for a bit. But as part of that news I was down in my little town of Fredericksburg, Virginia and I took the opportunity to snap some photos of a few shop fronts. Support your local small businesses as best you can right now. They need us.

My goal for this coming week is to set up a new routine. The old routine does not fit into this stay at home, social distancing world.

As always I pray this next week brings us all better news. And it brings you peace and joy.

Love, B.

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