Week in Review April 3-9

These blogs are getting harder and harder to maintain. I am a few days into week 15 and haven’t written week 14. I have a separate post planned for Easter that I will hopefully get out tomorrow. So here it is week 14 this Sucks! There is no direction for our days anymore and I have definitely stopped worrying about what happens around here. As long as the three main meals are cooked and cleaned after and the girls get the basic school day done, I am just going with the new flow of life. Along, the way I am taking pictures…LOTS AND LOTS of pictures.

The weather was so nice this past week that we got outside for some yard work. I took some photos of our flowering Cherry tree which had way more blooms than last year. We got a random tulip dropped off by some critter. and I put the daffodils to rest. Till next year lovelies!

The girls continue to get their school work done and I have decided that we are doing the bare minimum. The extra’s have been canceled due to the closure of so many places for the foreseeable future. As long as they get to the start of our next homeschool year with solid math and reading skills I’ll be satisfied. Video chat with family and friends is almost a daily occurrence. Thank God for modern tech or we would really feel the isolation.

Things are alright where we are and our family is adjusting and doing the best we can under the circumstances. I would like to highlight a few bright spots in our day. We are able to have dinner all together which isn’t something we used to do because my husbands commute was very long now it’s a flight of stairs. Because we have “extra” time my husband and I have been taking time in the evenings to sit out on our front porch and enjoy a cocktail together. We are having family movie night three or four times a week now. Lot’s of family time together not doing or going which has been a nice change. Our lives have definitely slowed down during this time. Not gonna lie I’ll miss these things when my husband goes back to his two hour commute.

As always I pray this next week brings us all better news. And it brings you peace and joy.

I will end this weeks blog with this, DO NOT FORGET, THERE IS HOPE!

Love, B.

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