Week in Review April 10-16

So we are still under “Stay at Home” directives here in Virginia. I want to say this is week 4 but who knows all the days are blending into each other. The only thing that breaks up the monotony at this point is snapping pictures. There is only so much television you can watch. Apparently, I have reached my limit. I have also been trying to hone my skills. So I’ve been looking for photography projects and classes to take. There are so many options online and a lot of free resources. So I have been learning and shooting and editing. I’m learning more about the documentary and environmental style. I’ve always been drawn to photographs that capture the moment. Photo’s that pull you into the scene and tell a story. I’ve been practicing these styles.

When it rained a few days ago the girls wanted to go out and jump in the puddles. What a perfect opportunity to practice the documentary style. What fun it was to watch them dance, run, jump, and splash.

I am also a huge fan of still-life. When I was younger and being dragged around to art museums I hated the still-life paintings. I thought they were boring and uninteresting. That opinion has changed over the years as I realized just how much work and talent it took to make those images so realistically. I am striving to create my own master pieces of still-life. And right now is a perfect time to dive deep into this style. I will be posting lots of still-life photo’s going forward. I found a space in my home that has the most perfect light. And I have lots of objects I’d love to photograph. My friend raises chickens and she dropped of these beautiful eggs that just had to be photographed.

This was a busy week for me, as far as photography. I am rarely without my camera now. Well, what better time then now to take ALL the pictures? We went for a walk in the neighborhood, these are the photos from that excursion.

The girls received Lego for Easter from their Grandmother so of course I had to take pictures, but then I thought I should get into the frame. I set the camera up on the tripod and gave the girls the remote. It was fun. Think I’ll be doing more of these shoots, also.

Looking back through this blog, that’s a lot of photos. Maybe too many, oh, well. I like them. I hope you like them too.

As always, I pray this next week brings us better news. And it brings you peace and joy.

I will end this week with this, DO NOT FORGET, THERE IS HOPE!

Love, B.

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