Week in Review April 17-30

Two week review.

The days are seriously melting into each other and with all the rain we’ve been having it kinda looks that way too.

In the beginning of all this I felt the need to keep things as routine as possible. It was only going to be for two weeks after all, so no big deal. Then the stay home orders kept getting extended and I was running myself ragged trying to keep up everyones morale. That lasted a few weeks. Then it got exhausting. Nothing was getting done. I was not happy and neither was my family. So these past two weeks I have been more “selfish” with my time. I’ve been trying to focus on my love of photography. Honing my skills and trying new things. The kids have started hiding from me. The husband, who is working from home, has expressed some annoyance. But it has made for a happier home life because I’m not stressing out about the things I have no control over. I’m not causing my children to feel overwhelmed by my need to keep things “normal”. Children are resilient and mine will be fine. My husband will be fine. I will be fine. But only if I continue to remember I can not do it all! I am not the end all and be all to my families happiness. I can contribute to the happiness by taking the time to make sure I’m getting what I need. So I can help them get what they need.

I’m over here trying to see the silver lining. And mine is that the photos coming out of being home are some of the best I’ve done in years! Here are a few of the hundreds of photos I’ve taken in the past two weeks.

Boredom, the true mother of invention! They created a magnetic fishing rod out of “Goldie Blox” and refrigerator magnets.

Our “baby” turned 8. And like her sister who turned 10 back in March, we had a scaled down, just the four of us, celebration. Her big sister made it special by making her present, a clay unicorn!

And lastly, just some random photo’s I took. Including, a few shelf portraits. My husband called from the store, while I was taking the portraits, to make sure we didn’t need anything else. So I went with it! He’s been awesome about running any errands, I think it’s his way of taking time to himself. But, I don’t have to go out, so win, win!

For all the Mother’s feeling the stress and isolation of our current situation. My advice take some time for what you love. Be “selfish”! It is okay. You will be better for it and your family will too. They don’t like frazzled Mom any more than you do. So whatever it is that feeds your soul take the time to do it.


As, Always, I pray this next week brings you peace and joy.

Love, B.

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