About Barbra

It’s me! Barbra 👋

“It is no accident that the photographer becomes a photographer any more that the lion tamer becomes a lion tamer”

Dorthea Lang


Thanks for stopping by. I can not tell you what a pleasure it is to see you here! I am just thrilled to share with you my love of photography. Photography is such an essential part of our lives. We are currently raising the most photographed generations in history. Taking a picture is so easy right now. Just pull out your phone point and shoot. But taking a Photograph takes time and care. I love photography. It is an intricate part of my everyday life. I started out taking pictures with a Fischer-Price 35mm film camera I was gifted one Christmas. Lots and Lots of pictures of the world around me. I have since graduated to Photographs taken on a Nikon Z. As an experienced photographer I have had the honor of seeing my work exhibited, published, and awarded. Which is awesome! But it does not compare to the satisfaction I get from helping my clients create beautiful photographs that they can cherish for generations. I will take the time and care to get to know you, so we can make awesome photographs you will love.

A snippet about myself, I am a homeschooling mother of two wonderful daughters. I am married to the best husband ever, sorry it’s true, he is the best. We recently rescued the prettiest two year old Pit Bull. She’s so sweet! When I am not homeschooling, housewifing (it’s a word), walking the dog, or photographing, you can find me running or watching true crime stories, sometimes simultaneously. Aren’t treadmills great!?!

Now that you know a bit about me I’d love to hear about you and your photography needs.