About Barbra Pinnock

A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.”
Eudora Welty

This quote sums up how I feel about photography. Though, I love a good abstract photo or a well staged still life; there is nothing so good as a moment captured forever. The past can be revisited over and over simply by pressing the shutter button. What a glorious invention the camera! Family members live on, not only through our memories of them but, through our snapshots. That first kiss as man and wife frozen in time. To be enjoyed and shared with our children. First steps and first days of school all safely preserved in a photograph. Not only are our family stories saved but our collective world stories. Our history archived for future generations to study and learn from. How can anyone not love photography?

I love photography.

I received my first camera at the age of six. A Kodak Fisher Price kids 110 film camera, blue. Yes, I just dated myself.

I watched my father take all the vacation photographs, birthdays, holidays, etc. He also brought home amazing photos from his deployments as a Marine.

(My Dad with his trusty Nikon FG. (I was given that camera when I went off to college) Oh, and my baby brother circa 1987 Okinawa, Japan photo by Me!)

Photography is in my blood. I have been taking photos for the majority of my life. I am passionate about this craft and I want to share my love of this amazing art form with you.

(Hello, laundry! Self portrait)

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