Memorial Day

A few shots from the Fredericksburg National Cemetery’s annual Memorial Day Luminaria.


An Afternoon with the Wilson Children

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking some lovely photographs of the Wilson family children. Children are the best subjects to photograph. They haven’t learned to be self-conscious and their expressions are always so honest. I plan on taking many more photographs of this wonderful family, to help document their growth. Thank you Wilsons for allowing me into your home for the afternoon.


Monroe County Historical Association

Monroe County Historical Association                                                                     Stoudsburg, Pennsylvania                                        

While in Pennsylvania I visited the Monroe County Historical Association’s museum. The association has taken up permanent residence in Stroud Mansion. A beautiful 12 room Georgian-style mansion built in 1795 by Jacob Stroud for his son, John. There is a research library and a rotating exhibit along with the permanent collection. It is an absolute gem. I highly, recommend stopping in if you ever make it to Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Until then here a few of my favorite photos from my visit.



MCHS-1-10 MCHS-1-19 MCHS-1-25


MCHS-1-37 MCHS-1-41



MCHS-1-52 MCHS-1


I heard about this technique called “Freelensing” right before Christmas and was just itching to give it try. Finally, gave it a whirl. Here are a few of the test shots. Definitely, need some practice. what do y’all think? Any suggestions on how to improve the outcome would be greatly appreciated.





The Day I Became Mrs. Pinnock Revisited

Today is Team Pinnock’s Anniversary. So I decided to do a revised post with new edits and some unseen photos. My life is definitely better with my husband. He isn’t just my husband he is my best friend. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his love and
support. He puts up with my crazy and encourages me to pursue my photography dreams. I love you Mr. Pinnock.

P.S. A very Happy Birthday to Elvis!

A Few of My Favorite Christmas Photos.

Nothing says “I support your obsession,” like receiving camera equipment from your loving spouse. My wonderful husband gave me the 50mm lens I’d been looking at for the better part of 2014 for Christmas. I used the holiday to give it a test run. Here are just a few of my favorites.