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Week in Review Jan 1-9

New for the year 2020 is a review of my week in photographs. The goal is to take at least ONE new photograph a week. Optimally, a photo a day is the goal. However, I believe in building up to consistency. I think burnout comes when I try to do all the things, all at once. That being said I’m going to start slow. Although, I was a bit excited and took a few more than one photo for the first entry.


January 1st 2020 sometime after midnight. week-1-8(Dream)


This was the first year our girls stayed up to ring in the New Year with us. It was a quiet affair. My husband took a nap between 9 and 11pm. But he woke in time to crack open a bottle of champagne. Cheers!


January 3rd, sometime in the morning.



January 6th

Our homeschool started back up after a long break for Advent and Christmas. And with the new year we started new chores. The girls are now in charge of their own laundry.

nye20-1-1(The Laundresses)

January 7th

Art class. The girls decide they wanted to work on a panting together. They used random tools they picked up from around the house, including a nasal aspirator. While they were working on the abstract painting I thought it would be fun to play with shutter speeds.

The final product.


Thanks for checking out the post. Hope you all have had a wonderful first week to the new year. and I hope this next week brings you joy and peace.

Love, B.


A Long Hiatus and Ten Years

Hello everyone!

It has been a long time since I posted anything here. I want to say something profound and meaningful about why there hasn’t been a post for almost 3 years, there isn’t a good reason. Life and motherhood and homeschooling took precedence. I’m not even sure why I kept the blog open. Maybe as a way to come back to it when life wasn’t so hectic. Like life will ever not be hectic…. Or I knew eventually I’d be back at it. What ever the reason I am grateful that my blog stayed available. Photography is meant to be shared. I forgot that in all the worry of the every day. I definitely lost track of that in my obsession to post what I thought other people would like to see. I forgot what I like most about photography and that is, every person has a unique view of the world and that should be shared regardless of how many likes you get. I take photographs because I love taking photographs. I was being bogged down trying to keep up with the other wonderful photographers on social media and I lost my own vision. I became disheartened,  I put my camera down one day and the next thing I knew a year had gone by. I did a few photos for friends and I volunteered to take photos for my children’s AHG troop. But I didn’t take photos because I love taking photos. So another year went by. I took obligatory photos of birthday’s and holidays. But again not because I love it. And that shows in the work. And another year went by.

Recently, someone reached out to me. Asked me to take photo’s for them. For their business. They want my unique view of the world to help them with their endeavor.

Now here I am revitalized. Realizing just how much I missed my camera. How much I missed my own view of the world. It took someone asking me to share that view with them for me to come back here.

So here I am! It’s funny how this revelation has come at the end of the year just as a new decade is about to begin. So because I skipped out on a few years of posting and it is almost a new decade, how about a retrospective of the past 10 years. (Funny how this also coincides with my eldest turning 10 this coming March. I can not believe I will soon have a 10 year old.)  Just a few of my favorites from the past 10 years. And ones not seen by anyone but myself. Because, after all, photographs are meant to be seen.

Here’s to a New Year and the beginning of a new PuddleWonderful!



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A Day at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

On this past Sunday, February 12, 2017, my husband took me and our girls to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to see the Jasper Johns and Edvard Munch: Love, Loss, and the Cycle of Life. I have been a huge fan of Edvard Munch since I was a teenager. So when I heard the VMFA was going to have an exhibit of his work I knew I had to go. Fortunately, this was a photo friendly exhibit so I was able to capture my aspiring artists in action. My daughters brought along notebooks so they could sketch some of the pieces they liked best. It was a perfect day! The girls asked lots of questions and took their time looking at the art work. When we were done with the exhibit we wondered around the museum to see what else they had to offer for our day of art!



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A Trip to Cape May for a 5K

Had the pleasure of going to Cape May, New Jersey for a fun 5k at the Cape May Winery. It was an AWESOME weekend. We took the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. The crossing there was a bit choppy and over cast, but the return trip was absolutely beautiful! While there we ate at three places each very different and very good. Dinner was at the Good Earth Organic Eatery  where I had a wonderful gluten free almond pesto pasta, YUM! Breakfast, before the race, was at the Avalon Coffee. Although, this was a bakery joint I was able to get some eggs and sausage which were good. The others said the bagels were outstanding and we all agreed that the coffee was excellent. After the race we sampled the wineries many fine wines before we headed to the beach. While down at the beach we got very hungry and stopped into Zoe’s Beachfront Eatery. I had an extremely good hamburger. The food in Cape May is superb. The people of Cape May are so warm and friendly. and so are the vacationers we met a lovely woman and her therapy dog, a standard poodle named Sigmund Freud. It was an trip not soon forgotten. I have already started planning for a return trip with my family. The charming seaside town of Cape May, NJ is one that should be experienced by all.

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Our annual pool party was dedicated to the members of the family with big birthdays this year, 30, 40, and 60! So we threw a Pirate Bash!