A Day with Rodin Through the Lens of my Galaxy S5

On Friday, March 11, 2016, I had the pleasure of attending the second to last day of the Rodin exhibit in Richmond at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art. I truly, regret not bringing my camera. A lesson learned the hard way, for sure. Every other time I have gone to an exhibit at the VMFA there has been a strict no photography policy. So of course the one time I assume the rules will be the same I leave my camera at home. I did my best with what I had, my Samsung Galaxy S5. Here are a few of my favorites from that day. Note I forgot to write down all the names of the pieces. It was extremely busy and I was with family so I was unable to linger longer with the pieces.

2016-03-11 10.47.14


Iris Photoshoot

I took these for my Mother as a Mother’s Day gift.

The Day I Became Mrs. Pinnock

Just a small sample of photos I took during our celebration. We were married in an intimate ceremony at the home of our dear friends. It was a last minute, thrown together, wedding planned in under a week and on the smallest budget ever. But, I must say, with total bias, it was one of the most amazing ceremonies and celebrations I’ve ever had the privilege of attending. Plus, it was Elvis Presley’s birthday, you just can’t go wrong when celebrating with The King!